THE SIGNS (documentary feature film - directed by Wojciech Klimala)

„The Signs” documentary is the first Polish film about the Deaf Culture. In July Iwona Cichosz won the Miss Deaf International contest in July 2016 in Las Vegas beating 19 other contestants from all around the world. It is a story of an extraordinary woman who is the connector between the two worlds: of Deaf and hearing. She fights against exclusion. Her parents, sister and grandparents can’t hear. Thanks to the stubbornness of her grandmother Iwona learned how to speak. Defying weaknesses and celebrating successes Iwona proves her worth that often surpasses the abilities of a hearing person.

Producer: KOSMOS Production

Co-producers: Polish Television, Polish Film Institute, MX35

Oficial website:

Warsaw, Poland / +48 506 104 584 /